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Aerobatics,Upset Training,Flight REVIEWS

Super Decathlon Aerobatics and Tail Wheel Instruction

22,000 hours of military,airline,and corporate experience

David Jacobson

Airline Transport Pilot

CFI Airplanes,Instruments,ME

First Hammerhead Turn Attempt!

Check out this great video

CFI Spin Endorsement

Check out this great video

Super Decathlon Flight Instruction


This is a picture of a pilot during her flight instructor spin endorsement training

Rolling around a cloud!

Rolling around  cloud!

Fly in a relaxed atmosphere with an experienced CFI. We cover all the maneuvers through the Sportsman level.

Flight Review FAR 61.56

Tail Wheel Endorsements

The Flight  Review is  conducted  under  the  guidelines  of  FAR  61.56.  Take  the opportunity  to  explore  a new    flight  regime in  a relaxed manner  with the  emphasis  on learnings.  A  video of  your  flight  maneuvers  is  included.

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Grass field take off

Check out this great video